Refresh & Smooth SHAMPOO


Refresh & Smooth TREATMENT


Soothes and repairs sun-damaged hair and scalp, naturally sealing moisture deep within.

No silicones, sulphates or parabens with more than 90% natural ingredients.

Safe for babies and sensitive skin.


Nourishes and soothes hair and scalp prone to uv damage

Rosemary Extract
Mandarin Orange Extract
Pineapple Ceramides
Formulated with over 90% naturally-derived ingredients

Sicily is a town in Italy where fruits are cultivated with an abundance of water. The extract of juicy summer fruits, rich in Vitamin C, combined with anti-inflammatory Rosemary relieves hair and scalp that are damaged by harmful UV rays.

Ceramides from the hardy Pineapple leaves hair feeling smooth and supple!

10 Organic Botanical Extracts To Nourish Hair & Sensitive Scalp Naturally!
Rosemary extract
Althea officinalis root extract
Chamomile extract
Sage extract
Lavender extract
Thyme extract
Calendula extract
Damask rose extract
Wormwood extract
Blessed thistle extract

<All organic certified extracts>

*1 thymus vulgarise (thyme) flower/leaf extract | *2 calendula officinalis flower extract | *3 artemisia absinthium extract | *4 carbenia benedicta extract

7 Harmful Ingredients Avoided in Our Hair Products
Sulphates (e.g. sodium laureth sulphate)
Petroleum-based surfactants
Synthetic dye
Mineral oil
Animal-derived ingredients
(with the exception of honey and microbial-derived ingredients)
Plant-derived gentle cleansing formula
For a rich fluffy lather

Made with organic olive oil from the Tuscan region in Italy that naturally cleanses hair and sensitive scalp without irritation.

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