Organic Lavender SHAMPOO


Organic Lavender TREATMENT


Calms the senses while repairing dry hair for a good night's sleep.

No silicones, sulphates or parabens with more than 90% natural ingredients.

Safe for babies and sensitive skin.


Calms the senses & repairs damaged hair

Lavender Extract
Rosehip Extract
Echinacea Extract
Formulated with over 90% naturally-derived ingredients

Lavender essential oils have long been used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and promote overall well-being and calmness.

Our Organic Lavender range is also anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe the scalp. Combined with antioxidants Rosehip and Echinacea Herbal extracts, it heals damaged hair naturally.

10 Organic Botanical Extracts To Nourish Hair & Sensitive Scalp Naturally!
Rosemary extract
Althea officinalis root extract
Chamomile extract
Sage extract
Lavender extract
Thyme extract
Calendula extract
Damask rose extract
Wormwood extract
Blessed thistle extract

<All organic certified extracts>

*1 thymus vulgarise (thyme) flower/leaf extract | *2 calendula officinalis flower extract | *3 artemisia absinthium extract | *4 carbenia benedicta extract

7 Harmful Ingredients Avoided in Our Hair Products
Sulphates (e.g. sodium laureth sulphate)
Petroleum-based surfactants
Synthetic dye
Mineral oil
Animal-derived ingredients
(with the exception of honey and microbial-derived ingredients)
Plant-derived gentle cleansing formula
For a rich fluffy lather

Made with organic olive oil from the Tuscan region in Italy that naturally cleanses hair and sensitive scalp without irritation.

Organic Lavender
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Damage Repairing
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