Profound yet transparent scent of
Jasmine blended with
Frankincense Essential Oils
Creates volume to fine hair to
keep it light, airy and supple

The Diane Bonheur Blue Jasmine range is best for fine hair types and has the lightest texture. It hydrates dry hair and gives it volume to keep it light and supple without any weigh down.

Dry hair caused by frequent blow-drying
Fine and flat hair
Dull, lifeless hair
Craft Fragrance

Blue Jasmine

Jasmine, known as the “King of Flowers” in the world of perfumery, is cultivated in Grasse, France.

Working with top-class perfumers, it is blended with Frankincense essential oil, a coveted perfumery ingredient to create a gorgeous symphony of sparkling florals layered upon Frankincense for a profound yet transparent scent that lifts your mood!

Craft Oil
Marula *1

Repairs hair from the core to hydrate dry hair

Prickly Pear*2

Antioxidant, rich in Vitamin E for soft, healthy hair

*1 Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil | *2 Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil (both moisturiser ingredients)
Craft Soap

With our craftsmen’s specialties and techniques, Diane Bonheur is formulated with 100% carefully selected plant-derived cleansing ingredients to provide its luxurious dense foam, without the use of harsh chemical and surfactants.
Blue Jasmine


Blue Jasmine


Blue Jasmine
Shampoo Refill


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