The happy connection
between farmlands,
manufacturers and us
Artisanal Craft Shampoo

The happiness of the world will lead to my own happiness.

When we put our hearts into every step of the production process, from ingredients and transportation to reaching the users, we can make everyone and Mother Nature happy.

This is the way of Diane Bonheur.

The Five Standards of Diane Bonheur
Diane Bonheur adheres to these five stringent standards of selection and production to ensure the purest and highest quality organic oils.
Fair Trade
Certified Organic
Cold Pressed Method
The Story of Diane Bonheur
Diane Bonheur uses 100% cold-pressed single origin oils. Let’s discover the rich history of Bonheur oils from around the world.
Sunflower Oil Olive Oil Milk Thistle Oil Shea Butter Argan Oil Pequi Oil Walnuts Oil Maracuja Oil
Craft Fragrance

The fine fragrances used are extracted from Grasse, France, a sacred place where perfumery ingredients are grown.

From cultivation to extraction, Diane Bonheur’s fragrances are extracted manually with love and dedication by craftsmen.

Craft Oil

The purest Single Origin Oils are strictly selected from farmlands, traceable to Namibia, Africa, and are cold-pressed to ensure the highest quality retained in Diane Bonheur.

Craft Soap

With our craftsmen’s specialties and techniques, Diane Bonheur is formulated with 100% carefully selected plant-derived cleansing ingredients to provide its luxurious dense foam, without the use of harsh chemical and surfactants.

Night Dream Tea
For Dull Hair
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Grasse Rose
For Damaged Hair
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Blue Jasmine
For Fine Hair
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Orange Flower
For Frizzy Hair
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Which Diane Bonheur is for me?
Radiant Finish
Orange Flower
Blue Jasmine
Grasse Rose
Night Dream Tea
Lightweight Texture
Soft and Airy Finish
Rich Texture