Embrace the wonders of skin-loving botanicals from head-to-toe with Diane Botanical Body Soap!

Known for our gentle, baby-safe formula with more than 90% natural ingredients, Diane Botanical Body is free from silicones, sulphates, parabens and artificial colourants. Formulated with Italian Organic Olive Oil for gentle cleansing without irritation. Safe for babies and sensitive skin.

// Most Moisturising
Most Refreshing \\
Honey Citrus Scent
Deeply Moisturises Dry & Sensitive Skin
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Honey Verbena Scent
Protects Sensitive Skin From Harmful Bacteria
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Summer Fruits Scent
Smoothens & Repairs Sun-damaged Skin
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Refreshing Citrus Scent
Lightly Invigorates & Hydrates Dry Skin
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